Butterfly Protocol and Cortex Application are launching Free New .hmn: Web3 for Everyone

Cortex Application and Butterfly Protocol are launching new.hmn (“dot human”) Top-Level Domains on Polygon. This is a significant breakthrough in web3 identities. These NFT domains can be owned for life and are cross-chain free. The.hmn domains can be given to anyone who wishes one. They are available for use across Ethereum, Polygon, and legacy DNS (current Web) with name.hmn.link. They can also be used to link to other crypto projects such as ENS with name.hmn.eth. These TLDs are non-expiring and do not require renewal fees. This gives you true ownership, unlike other TLDs. The.hmn domains provide a single identity that can be used with both next-generation projects such as Cortex App (launching in early 2022) and existing platforms such as browsers or crypto wallets.

Cortex believes domain NFTs are a person’s online identity and home, true to their slogan “Web3 for everyone”. These NFTs should be accessible and affordable. Cost and user experience are major obstacles to web3 adoption. While other TLDs can be expensive and must be renewed every year,.hmn domains will remain free for as long as you live.

“Domain names are rapidly becoming the foundation for web3. Your activity, including published content and collaborative documents, will all be linked to it. This opens up the possibility of making efficient use decentralized, person-centric data. Domains are not only an identity but also an address for your digital space on the web3. All of this can be provided at almost zero cost. Leonard Kish, CEO and co-founder of Cortex app.

“We are extending and improving ENS, allowing lower cost access via Polygon (a Layer 2 for Ethereum). We are bringing a Layer 2 domain to ENS domains. We don’t try to match features with ENS. Instead, we allow.hmn domains anywhere ENS can, at a lower cost. (Josh Robinson is the CTO and co-founder.

Domains are a core component of the Cortex App and gateway to a human-centric, crypto-enabled data infrastructure. The Cortex App allows users to create a complete web3 stack that uses wallet addresses and URLs. Every page is human-readable and can store tokens. These are needed to cross protocols like humans, said Josh Robinson.

Indefinitely, Butterfly Protocol will give away.hmn domains. Go to http://hmn.domains to claim your domain.

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