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About Joshua Shuemake

Joshua Shuemake is an IT (information technology) professional, based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Over my past 10+ years in the IT industry, I’ve held several different roles, from customer support (where I started), to middle IT manager, which handled several different tasks such as inventory of our company equipment. The Middle IT Manager role took care of inventory of our company’s laptops, monitors, printers, and even the mice that employees use. But more than that, I was always relied upon to solve a lot of IT-related issues that many of our employees had, such as virus and malware issues. As one of the Senior IT Managers, I am now still solving issues–but taking a more hands-on role with our websites, micro-sites, and take care of a lot of the issues with our websites and learning Search Engine Optimization as I go. One of these days maybe we’ll hire an actual SEO firm to take care of all of this.

That’s why I thought that I would learn through creating my own website here, and adding content and SEOing it so that it shows up for my name, Joshua Shuemake. If you’re reading this after January 2022, then you’re probably coming across it because of that search engine optimization that I’ve done on this website.

Website Content

I know that website content is key to properly optimizing your website, and just having a few pages on the website won’t cut it. So, my content here will vary, and is mostly based on my interests or what I’m reading or what I’m interested in on that particular day. So you may see tech stuff, you may see Cryptocurrency related articles, it could be about SEO or even domain names. So, take a look at the categories, I will do my best to try to categorize everything that I post.

More about Me

Well, I know this is an About page, so I really should put more content about me here. As far as interests go? Not sure if you’d really want to know everything I’m into, but if you know me well you know me already.

See my contact page to get in touch with me–you can also see my social media accounts to contact me that way. Connect with me on Twitter @joshuashuemake. See my videos on my Vimeo: Joshua Shuemake on Vimeo. Follow my Pins on Pinterest: https://pin.it/4M13jPV

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